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Verandas or patio roofs for both home and commercial environments, providing shade in the sunshine or cover if it threatens to rain!

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Welcome to Crocodilla’s Veranda and Glass Room pages. Verandas and Glass Rooms, 2 solutions at 2 price levels to extend your living space over your patio or decking. A Veranda provides you with what is essentially a patio roof!
When glass panels are added you have the award winning ‘Glass Room’ just one step away from a conservatory with fewer planning requirements.

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Verandas & Patio Roofs

The Perfect Patio Roof

The Veranda or patio roof provides a stylish covered area to enjoy the Spring, Summer and Autumn days. We are often blessed in Hampshire with glorious sunny days where we venture out into our gardens. However, the UK is no stranger to wet weather in the Summer months. A Veranda provides you with the perfect environment to enjoy the fresh air of a Summer's day when it clouds over and threatens to drizzle! No need to take your newspaper and cup of tea back indoors… Stay where you are and enjoy!

Commercial Verandas or Patio Roofs

An accepted commercial solution for extending the use of outdoor spaces especially restaurant and café space where maximising table space during good weather is a priority. Crocodilla are experts in the surveying, planning and installation of commercial veranda solutions.

Glass Rooms ( Glasoase )

Glass Rooms

The Veranda can be taken that step further. Weinor have won design awards for what they call the Glasoase or the Glass House, which takes the Veranda and adds superbly engineered sliding and folding glass panels that create uninterrupted views and a completely sheltered environment.
Similar to, but not quite a conservatory but a glorious environment for the family and visitors which will enhance any Hampshire home.

Glass Room

A Glass room allows for an enclosed patio or decking area, flooded with light giving an unhindered view into your garden. Weinor’s ingenious all-glass panels are easy to operate and lock-up securely, allowing you to enjoy your patio, decking area or sun-terrace all year round.